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Accessing government information 
“Accessing government information” follows on from “What is GIPA (FOI)” on the Home Page. It is designed to assist you in working your way through the maze of state and local government to locate the information you want.
Under GIPA (which replaced FOI in NSW) there are a number of additional ways in which government agencies have to make information available.
This page will help you understand those obligations and assist you with your search.
1. “Where do I start?” will explain there is information that must be made available and other information agencies are encouraged to provide.
2. “Informal Applications for Information” introduces a new method of accessing information without having to make a formal request and pay the associated fees.
3. “How do I formally apply? will help you if you find yourself unable to access the information you want through any of the other ways.
4. “I’m unhappy with the decision” explains your appeal rights if:
- you have tried to gain information and you don’t like the outcome, or
if you are a third party and an agency has told you it is going to release your information and you don’t want it to.
5. FAQs – GIPA answers a number of questions you may have about how GIPA works.
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