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How do I Formally Apply? 

If all else fails and you need to apply formally, you need to comply with Section 41 (1) of the Act:

(1) An application or other request for government information is not a valid access application unless it complies with the following requirements (the formal requirements) for access applications:
    (a) it must be in writing sent by post or lodged at       an office of the agency concerned or made in a           manner pproved by the agency under ubsection         (2),   
    (b) it must clearly indicate that it is an access application made under the GIPA Act,
    (c) it must be accompanied by a fee of $30,
    (d) it must state the name of the applicant and a postal or email address as the address for     correspondence in connection with the application,
    (e) it must include such information as is reasonably necessary to enable the government        information applied for to be identified.

Some agencies may allow you to lodge a formal applicaiton via email and others may chose to waive the applicaiton fee. Alternatively, you may be entitled to a reduced fee if you are suffering financial hardship or the subject matter may be determined to be of "special benefit to the public generally".

Another important thing to be aware of is that you are allowed under the GIPA Act to provide additional information, which you believe strengthens your right to be granted access to the information you are seeking. By law the agency must take your claims into consideration when it is making a determination. If you are applying for your own information, the agency may ask you to prove your identity before it will hand over your informaiton. This is for your own protetion as well as making sure the agency doesn't give your informaiton to someone else.

You can download and use my application form.

Not all state and local government agencies have GIPA application forms. You can look on their website to see if there is a form, or contact me for a copy at

Application Form
FOI Application Form
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