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Training of GIPA Officers 
Staff who have the responsibility of ensuring their agency complies with the Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) Act 2009 have significantly more responsibility than those under the old Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. There are some additional publication and access requirements.
Youngman Consultancy provides training to allow you to meet those obligations. Not only by making you fully aware of the requirements under the GIPA Act, but also providing you with the skills, ability, tools and documentation to ensure you make the legislation work within your agency. GIPA Courses available include a combined Introductory and Advanced one-day session, or separate one-day Introductory and Advanced sessions, depending on the level of training required.
GIPA Briefing Sessions for management and staff, on the other hand, are only designed to ensure management and staff know how GIPA effects them in doing their jobs and what to do if they get involved in dealing with a GIPA application. Each agency needs to decide whether they want managers and staff to be briefed as a combined group or separately.

Training and Briefing Sessions are conducted in-house, even for just one person. However, depending on the location, additional costs may be incurred to meet travel and accomodation expenses. Please contact Phillip Youngman at for more information

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