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Why should I go to all this trouble? 

Because it makes sound economic sense

Many businesses these days are trying to find an edge in order to attract additional customers or retain their existing customers. People are very concerned about the security of their personal information and want to be assured that any company to which they provide such information will ensure it is protected.

You only have to do a Google search to find examples of where people are concerned about their privacy or companies and government agencies have failed to protect personal information. The companies that take steps to protect their customers' personal information and can demonstrate that protection have a big commercial advantage over their competitors.

In addition, changes to the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 in March 2014 means:

  • the seperate Government and Private Privacy Principles have been combined (the Australian Privacy Principles);
  • the Information Commissioner has new powers to seek civil penalties and conduct investigations into Government and Private organisations;
  • changes to credit reporting laws affecting credit agencies;
  • cross-border disclosure responsibilites;
  • requirements regariding the need for Privacy Policies;
  • changes affecting direct marketing; and
  • revised reporting requirments related to data breaches.

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