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Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and this Blog, Youngman Consultancy demonstrates its commitment to ensuring people have the help needed to address their right to hold governments accountable and protect their own privacy. It is only by knowing your rights and being prepared to speak up that you can ensure a just society for all of its members.
If no one said All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”, then someone should have, because it is true. The same thing goes for bullies and injustice. As scary as it can be, if you are going to consider yourself human, then you have to speak out for what it right.
Sunday, June 24 2012
Canada has rejected a proposed new law that would have allowed government to monitor citizens Internet use
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Tuesday, June 19 2012
The proposed new UK law to log details about every Web visit, email, phone call or text message is breathtaking in its audacity.
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Monday, June 18 2012
Peter Timmins in his Blog “Open & Shut” reports on moves by the ACT government to introduce new legislation to support whistleblowers ( Unfortunately, even though legislation states whistleblowers cannot be victimised, 45 years experience in the NSW public service tells me if you are a whistleblower, eventually you’ll be punished.
I spoke in my lead in to my Blog about the need to speak up when you see injustice. I still believe in this, but you need to be aware of the consequences if you decide to be a whistle blower.
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Sunday, June 10 2012
         It’s not ok to copy sex videos
The story on page 1 of the Sunday Telegraph (10 June 2012) is wrong. The law does not allow you to take someone’s sex video off their pc without their permission.
These sex videos apparently indentify the participants. They are essentially photographs of the individuals concerned and, as such, constitute personal information.
In NSW, depending on the annual turnover of the private company that lifted the videos, it is subject to either the Commonwealth or the NSW Privacy Act.
In either case there are laws that require the company to have the lawful right to access the information and the approval of the individuals who are the subjects in the video. There are other requirements under the Privacy Acts as well. But the main point is that there are protections against this sort of activity. Both the Commonwealth and the NSW Law Reform Commissions have looked at the idea of a tort of privacy to allow individuals to take legal action in cases where they believe their privacy has been breached.
It is a difficult area, but with the easy and volume of information now available via the Internet, it is a matter that needs to be resolved, both at a local and international level.
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Wednesday, June 06 2012
Daniel Wills from the Adelaide Advertiser recently ran a story about the FOI Act provisions for cabinet documents under the Australian Federal and South Australian governments.
Mr Wills stated this was despite the promises of unrivalled transparency under "reforms" announced by former Premier Mike Rann.
It is amazing how many political parties, especially when in opposition, rave over the lack of accountability of the government of the day and promise how, when they come into power, they will insure an open and accountable government that will withstand the scrutiny of the press and how they will explain their decisions and stand by them.
Yet, once they get into power and some of the inevitable errors of judgement occur, they don’t like the idea of having their sins exposed. It is such a shame there are so many politicians whose only aim is to get re-elected and so few statesmen who are prepared to make the decisions necessary for the future of the country and the generations to come.
Time and time again you will see and read about not only all Australian governments, but governments of all persuasions, no matter the culture, the religion or the political party.
I suppose the saying, we get what we deserve is true, unfortunately.
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