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Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and this Blog, Youngman Consultancy demonstrates its commitment to ensuring people have the help needed to address their right to hold governments accountable and protect their own privacy. It is only by knowing your rights and being prepared to speak up that you can ensure a just society for all of its members.
If no one said All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”, then someone should have, because it is true. The same thing goes for bullies and injustice. As scary as it can be, if you are going to consider yourself human, then you have to speak out for what it right.
Monday, July 01 2013 discusses the above proposal and Youngman Consultancy makes its comments

The Conservatives in the UK have put up a member's bill requiring the identities of Freedom of Information Act requestors to be publicly disclosed. The Independent and the Campaign for FOI argue against the proposal and gives their reasons. All of which make sense and with which I concur.

However, my main objection is that the FOI process (or whatever the name may be in other jurisdictions) is intended to not only give ordinary people the right to access information held by government, but also it is designed to hold government accountable.

The concept that any government, including those with a history of suppression of its people, may require FOI applicants not only to identify themselves, but also to have their names published, is an assault on open and accountable government.

As No Right Turn rightly says, many people seek information related to them. In some cases the nature of what they seek is highly personal and, if revealed would provide others with information that most people would agree has a right to be kept private.

There is also the fact that information obtained under FOI can reveal wrongdoing on the part of government agencies or their employees.

There is provision under the NSW Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) Act, which replaced the FOI Act, to publish information released under GIPA that an agencies believes would be of interest to the general public. This acknowledges the accountability of government agencies, but even these provisions do not require the publishing of the applicant’s details.

The only saving grace is that, compared to some of their other proposals, this one could be seen as sane

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