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Youngman Consultancy Clients 
Youngman Consultancy has been fortunate to be able to provide assistance to the organisations listed below in a number of different areas of its expertise.

Australians for Sustainable Development Inc
GIPA advice

Cancer Institute NSW
Privacy Impact Assessment

Canterbury Bankstown Council
Act as GIPA Officer until new Officer appointed

Independent Hospitals Pricing Authority
FOI policy and guidelines

Ministry of Health
Replace GIPA Offcier for extended periods

Mosman Municipal Council
GIPA External Appeal (ADT) advice

Murrumbidgee Local Health District
GIPA advice

The Next Project
Privacy Notices and Policy advice

Newcastle University
GIPA Internal Review advice

NSW Roads and Traffic Authority
GIPA and Privacy work and management of Branch and Privacy advice

New Zealand Immigration
Privacy Impact Assessment

Port Macquarie and Hastings Shire Council
GIPA Internal Review advice

Privacy Management Plan

Service NSW
Train staff in GIPA and Privacy and provide
advice to deal with GIPA and Privacy issues as they arise

Sydney University
Replace GIPA and Privacy Officer on leave

Sydney Water
Provide additional GIPA services

Replace ​​​GIPA Officer following promotion

The Next Project
Privacy advice

UnitingCare Children Burnside
Privacy audit, policy advice and notices

Western NSW LOcal Health District
GIPA advice

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