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Advice, Consulting & Training

Youngman Consultancy is committed to supporting;

State & Local Govt. Agencies

Private Companies

Private Individuals

Legal Professionals

needing help protecting their (or their client's) Privacy or are accessing information protected by Privacy Legislation.  Youngman can provide the advice you need.

Contact 0425 372 262

Supporting NSW State and Local Government Agencies, Private Companies and Individuals who need help protecting their Privacy

 NSW State & Local Govt.

Agencies need to know how to protect the personal information they hold and what to do if they receive a privacy complaint. 
Agency Officers need to know how to comply with the GIPA Act.

Youngman Consultancy will train your staff or help agencies deal with a difficult or complex GIPA application. 

Private Companies

If your current or future clients know you will protect their information, they will do business with you and this gives you a competitive advantage.

Alternatively, you might need assistance obtaining information from a Government Agency or you may have been refused information you are seeking. 

Private Individuals

With so much of your information now online, what are your rights regarding your privacy, or what to do if you think your privacy has been breached.

Alternately, you might want assistance obtaining information from a Government Agency or you where you have been refused the information you are seeking.

Legal Professionals

Many legal firms don't retain the in-house GIPA resources to fully represent their clients or use the legislation to access information on behalf of their clients.
Youngman  provides advice to help you represent your clients, mounting arguments in favour of accessing information or defending the client's objection to releasing it.

The first step is to contact Phillip Youngman on 0425 372 262

The Principal: Philip Youngman

Phillip Youngman is the Principal of Youngman Consultancy, experts in the field of NSW Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA), (previously know as Freedom of Information) and Privacy legislation, with over 30 years experience at the top of these fields.

Youngman provides advice and/or training in GIPA and Privacy, as well as examining or preparing systems, policies, guidelines and procedures, Privacy Management Plans and Privacy audits.


Here at Youngman Consultancy, we often receive letters and emails from our clients thanking us for working with them.   Although it is always our pleasure, we do appreciate all the lovely comments from our fantastic and appreciative clients.

These testimonials include the British House of Commons and Irish Government in 1995 for assisting them with planning for the introduction of their own FOI legislation

In 2008 the Acting Chief Executive of the then RTA gave a commendation regarding Phillip's expertise. 

In August 2020 a Combined GIPA Course was presented to GIPA Officers and some of their comments were:

"A great day, thank you, great discussion."

"Very beneficial, really enjoyed it."

"Thank you for a great day of learning."

We are also able to refer you to satisfied clients who will give you unbiased references on the quality of work Youngman Consultancy they received.


Supporting State and Local Government Agencies, Private Companies, Individuals and the Legal Fraternity, who need help protecting their Privacy or are trying to access information protected by Privacy Legislation.

Phillip Youngman has the experience to provide the advice you need.


0425 372 262


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