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Welcome to Youngman Consultancy | Your GIPA (FOI) and Privacy Specialists

Personal Privacy
If you think your Privacy may have been breached, but you are not sure. Or if you want help in how to make a Privacy complaint or seek your personal or health information, contact Phillip Youngman.

Access to government information
If you are seeking access to government information, I can help you. By contacting me I can make you aware of your rights and guide you on the path of least resistance.

Dealing with government agencies can be confusing for those who do not understand how they work. I worked for the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority for approximately 45 years (Replaced by Roads and Maritime Services and Services NSW). I was its GIPA (Previously FOI), Privacy and Contract Reporting Manager for over 20 years.

I understand how government agencies work and the ways in which you may be able to access information held by them. If you need my help, you only need to ask. Please contact Phillip Youngman for more information.

Privacy in Business
The second biggest asset any business has, after its staff, is its customer data-base. Completing a privacy audit ensures you are properly protecting your customers’ details. The purpose of a Privacy Audit is to identify and address ways in which you may reduce the risk of breaching Privacy and ensure the personal information you hold is protected. Make sure you have the edge on your competitors.

Government Agencies
NSW Local and State Government staff need to understand the implications of the GIPA Act, which replaced the Freedom of Information Act in 2010. It relates to accessing government information in new ways far beyond the previous legislation. More importantly, it now covers most government information, not just documents. Failure to understand and comply with these changes can have serious legal implications.

Training and Briefing Sessions qualify for between 1 and 6 points on the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (Continuing Professional Development) Program. Please contact Phillip Youngman for more information regarding In-house Training and Briefing Sessions.

To All
Youngman Consultancy provides a number of different services in relation to GIPA and Privacy, including:
* Training and Briefing Sessions
* Advice in relation to GIPA (FOI) or Privacy applications, policies and systems
* Replacing GIPA and Privacy officers during leave or pending the appointment of permanent staff
* Advice to individuals on GIPA (FOI) or Privacy Matters

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