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Phillip Youngman

is a leader in the field of NSW Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) and Privacy Legislation, with over 30 years experience advising Government, Private sector organisations 
and Private Individuals on their rights. 

Phillip Youngman is an expert in the field of NSW Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA), (previously known as Freedom of Information) and Privacy legislation with over 30 years’ experience at the top of these fields.  He is also a Justice of the Peace.  In addition, he was previously Deputy Chair, Biometrics Institute 2007-2008, Secretary, iapp ANZ 2008-2009 and Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management (AIM) 1993-2012 and Member, AIM 1983-1993, Member of the Standards Australia Records Management Committee and Biometrics and Identification Committee from 2008 until 2015.

He provides advice and/or training in GIPA and Privacy, as well as examining or preparing systems, policies, guidelines and procedures, Privacy Management Plans and Privacy audits.  He is also available as a temporary replacement for State/Local Government vacant positions or whilst staff are on leave or awaiting replacement.  Phillip was the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority's Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer (1989-2008) and its Privacy Officer (2000-2008).
After his retirement in January 2008, with 43 years’ service with the RTA he received the Premier's Medal for Meritorious Service.  He returned and worked for the RTA in its GIPA, Privacy and Contract Reporting Branch from April 2009 until December 2010, acting as Branch General Manager.  Phillip also chaired the NSW FOI and Privacy Practitioners' Network (now known as the NSW Right To Information/Privacy Practitioners Network) for approximately 20 years.

As a result of his many years in GIPA (FOI) and privacy sensitive government environments, Phillip is acutely aware of the role that government officials need to play to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and privacy protection.

Phillip provides advice that details the practical steps necessary to ensure systems are not breached and the release of documents and information is properly managed.

When employing Youngman Consultancy you employ an Industry Professional who has been acknowledged by the NSW Premier's Department, the NSW Ombudsman's Office, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (previously the NSW Administrative Decision's Tribunal) 
and the previous Privacy NSW as an expert in Privacy and FOI.

If you require further information or need help to protect your Privacy please feel free to Contact Us.


Supporting State and Local Government Agencies, Private Companies, Individuals and the Legal Fraternity, who need help protecting their Privacy or are trying to access information protected by Privacy Legislation.

Phillip Youngman has the experience to provide the advice you need.


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